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Laurel Hill Trout Pond began operations in 1990.  Situated in the beautiful Laurel Highlands of southwestern Pennsylvania, we offer a wonderful fishing experience, where fishermen of all ages and experience levels are "guaranteed" a catch.  We stock our pond with a variety of trout species ranging in size from 11" to over 20".  You may bring your own rod and bait (live minnows are not permitted at the facility) or we have rental rods available and sell bait.  No fishing license is required.



Upon arrival, please go to our shed to check-in.  After one member of the party has registered, you may help yourself to a bucket and begin fishing.  We charge per fish caught and all fish caught must be kept.  We do not allow any catch and release.  You may catch as many fish as you would like.  Once you are done fishing, please take your fish back to the shed.  We offer fish cleaning or filleting or you may take your fish whole.  While you are here, please help yourself to a self-guided tour of the Laurel Hill Trout Farm hatchery, where you can see where the fish are raised.